Fortress of Gramvousa

Fortress of Gramvousa

The fortress of Gramvousa is on a steep hill of the Imeri Gramvousa Island, opposite the famous Mpalos beach. The building of the fortress started in 1584 by the Venetians in order to protect the natural port of the area and the whole north-eastern side of Crete.

Its shape is a triangle and the long external walls are impressive. The fortress cannot be accessed from the northern side due to the rocks. You can enter the Venetian fortress from its eastern part and through an arched portico.

Underground tanks that gathered the rain water, buildings’ foundations, the Evagelismos church and the powder keg (became a mosque in the Turkish occupation) are in it.

In 1692 the Venetians gave the fortress to the Turks and they owned it till the 1821 Greek Revolution. Then the Cretan rebels took over the fortress and established the seat of the Revolutionary Committee of Crete. The rebels became pirates due to the lack of food.

In 1830, according to the Protocol of London, the fortress was given again to the Turks (as also happened to Crete).