Gorge of Venerato

Gorge of Venerato

The gorge of Venerato is a very small gorge, 500 meters long and with a natural beauty. The gorge is between Venerato and the Paliani Monastery and 17 kilometers from Heraclion. The entrance of the gorge is very close to Avgeniki and its end is at the small church of Agios Fanourios in Venerato.

Very few ruins of the ancient Apollonia city and the Byzantine church of Agios Antonios are near the gorge and an old watermill is in it.

The Apollonas River goes through the Venerato gorge, flows during the whole year and that is why the plantation of the gorge is so dense. Ivies and planes are some of the trees of the fauna of the gorge.

The gorge can be very narrow in some places and its narrowest spot is about 60 centimeters. It is 25 meters high and can be very difficult to go through it in some parts due to its inclinations.

You can see the place where the wild pigeons nest that is called “Gra Spiliara” and the most impressive part of the gorge, Kouroupi. The sides of the gorge in Kouroupi are almost united and create small waterfalls.