Gorges of Astrakias, Kunavi and Karteros

Gorges of Astrakias, Kunavi and Karteros

The gorges of Astrakias, Kunavi and Karteros are parts of the wide geographical cluster from where the E4 European long distance path passes by.

Its total length is about 21 kilometers and its passing through can be described as easy. The estimated time of crossing it is about 4 hours.

The entrance of the cluster of the gorges is from Karteros, Agies Paraskies, Kolomodi, Kunavi and Kato Astraki.

The route is rich in natural, morphological, aesthetic, historical and cultural features.

The river of Karteros or Amnissos or, according to mythology, Triton flow through these gorges.

The dense plantation, the wooden bridges, the old churches and the river, that flows through the gorge, are some of the great pictures for those who dare to go through it.

The flora of the gorges includes planes, willows and other hydrophilous plants, while the fauna includes more than 44 species of birds and 7 species of mammals.

According to mythology, the gorge of Astrakias is the place where Athena, the goddess, was born, while Neraidospilios is a part of it.