The blue-green sea water, the white and pink sand, the shells and the magical landscape are some of the features of the amazing and exotic Elafonisi of Chania that have made it one of the most famous tourist destinations.

Elafonisi is in the south-western side of Crete, 75 kilometers from Chania and 5 kilometers from the Chrisoskalitissa Monastery. The area is called Elafonisi (i.e. an island with deer) but there are no deer in the place.

The oblong peninsula of Elafonisi is “cut” by a swallow sea lake that divides the central beach with the famous island. In order to visit it, you have to walk 200 meters from the coast and in the water that is about 1 meter deep.

The area is in the protected Natura areas as there are sand lilies and cedar trees in it. The Caretta- Caretta turtes hatch their eggs in the magical beaches of the area.

A large wooden cross is in the island that reminds the shipwreck of the Austrian ship called Iberatris. It was sunk in February 1907 and is still in the area. The drowned passengers were buried in the island.

Many beaches are created in the southern side of the island. The beach in front of the sea lake that is connected with Crete is organized. There are umbrellas, showers, a cafeteria and others. That beach is sandy.

There are taverns and rooms to let in the area.


Apart from the 1907 shipwreck, 850 people were slaughtered by the Turks. The victims were mainly women and children. The Turks wanted to take revenge for the rebel Cretan people.