Ampa Gorge

Ampa Gorge

The impressive Ampa gorge is near Pananimfoi, in the Arxanes-Asterousia Municipality. Ampas is known to the locals for its natural beauty that includes also the 160-meter high Ampas waterfall and the magnificent view in the beginning of the gorge. The waterfall is the biggest in the Asterousia Mountains.

The largest number of predatory birds in Europe and of bees is sheltered in Ampas.

The difficult Ampas gorge starts from the Ampas place and ends to the coast of Treis Ekklisies. Only experienced climbers can go through it. Canyoners can admire the view from above but also go through the difficult and beautiful gorge. It is 4 kilometers long and the exit is in the coastal settlement of Treis Ekklisies.

In order to reach the entrance of the Ampas gorge, you should follow the road sign to Treis Ekklisies from the entrance of the Paranimfoi settlement. In the southern exit of the village, you follow the dirt road to Treis Ekklisies for 3 kilometers, and then you find a small road sign to Ampas on your right.